Bee's Nest

Get ready for a 5 x 5 honeycomb with 8 bees to organize!

How to Play Bee's Nest

"Bee's Nest" is similar to the well-known puzzle game "Lights Out," but played on a hexagonal grid. You must re-arrange all of the bees in the hive so that every cell in the hive is filled with honey. When a bee is moved, the cells adjacent to both where the bee moved from and where the bee moved to are affected.

Some cells with honey.   Bee moved, and toggled wich cells have honey.
(The cell the bee landed in was empty, so it is now filled. Two of the six adjacent cells were also changed from empty to full. The other four adjacent cells had honey before, so are now empty.)

Bee with honey around it.   Two bees with honey around them, but canceling each other out in the center.
(Here, a second bee appears in step 2. The cells that are adjacent to both bees are affected, and in this example, swap back from honey to empty.)

Moving Bees:
Click on a bee to select it -- it will light up -- and then click an unoccupied cell in the hive to move it there.

Step 1: Unselected bee on right   Step 2: Selected bee on right   Step 3: Bee moved to left
(Notice how the cells around the bee in steps 1 and 2 were changed from full to empty, and the cells around the bee's destination in step 3 were changed from empty to full.)

Once all of the bees have been moved to the appropriate cells, the hive will be completely filled with honey, and the game will end. Try to finish the game in as few moves, and/or as little time as you can!


"Bee's Nest" is based on the Flash game "Baffle Bees" by The Code Zone


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