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Blocking WebFX
Some site owners are concerned that WebFX may be used to "steal" graphics and art from their site. Honestly, this can be more easily and quickly done by using a browser's "Save Image As" option and editing the file with a graphics program like PhotoShop or The GIMP, but since we understand that artists want to stop any illegal uses they can, we have a system that allows you to block WebFX from getting files from your site.

User Agent

First, WebFX reports itself as a particular "User Agent" (this is typically the name and version of a web browser client like Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, or the name of a spidering search robot like Google or Bing.)


WebFX simply calls itself "WebFX". Additionally, it lets you know the IP address of the person who is actually using WebFX to request the file from your site.

You can use the IP information that WebFX provides if you think you should report abuse to a user's ISP. Simply use a "traceroute" program to find out where exactly the user was coming from at the time.

You can set your webserver or site's software to look for WebFX realtime, or simply look for "WebFX:IP..." requests in your server's access logs.

WebFX's IP

Since WebFX is simply acting as a kind of web client (like a browser), you can block requests from the computer WebFX is running on. Simply deny requests from the IP address:

(Updated May 12, 2019)

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