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  • Bill Kendrick - Main code, effects design, testing, website design, main graphics library.
  • Professor Richard Gordon - Algorithm design, general help.
  • Jef Poskanzer - Author of giftoppm, ppmtogif and pnmquant, helper programs used by WebFX.
  • Andy Wardley - Author of multligif, a helper program used by WebFX.
  • The Independent JPEG Group - Creators of djpeg and cjpeg, helper programs used by WebFX.
  • Michael Grobe and others - For authoring the extremely useful Lynx browser that makes WebFX possible!
  • Cameron Gregory - For allowing WebFX to use his Transloader service when Star Blvd. pulled the plug on their's.
  • Anthony Chu, Tatung Co. - For creating the excellent Transload Service which WebFX originally used.
  • Tech 9 - WebFX logo graphic.



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