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Using WebFX
Simply enter the address (URL) of any picture on the Internet, choose one of the four-dozen effects, and click "Apply."

Note: Please be aware that copyright laws do not allow you to use someone else's copyrighted works, even if it has been altered. For more information, read the copyright laws.

How do you get an URL, you ask? Well, in Netscape and Internet Explorer, you can copy the address of an image by clicking the image and selecting "Copy Image Location" from the menu that appears. (Windows95 users use the right mouse button. Mac users click and hold for a few seconds.)

Or, if you'd like, you can simply enter the address of a web page, and all of the images on that page will be displayed. Click which one you want to apply effects to.

After a few moments, the new picture appears on the screen. Now you can save it to your hard-drive, or e-mail it to yourself or a friend as a file attachment!

If you want, you can just play around with a simple example image.

Try The Example Image

(It's not copyrighted! :^))

How To Get WebFX Images On Your Website
When you apply an effect to an image, static (motionless) pictures will be displayed as JPEGs, and animated effects will come out as animated-GIFs.

You can use these files right on your own website! Using the results of WebFX is just the same as "borrowing" graphics from any other site. For example, if you're using a browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer, you can save the image to your hard-drive and then upload it to your website using FTP.

NOTE: Do not link directly to the files on the WebFX server! The files get used and reused over and over again. Not only will your own image eventually get replaced, but you may end up linking to pictures of an offensive nature. Again, download the file and use your own copy, rather than linking to WebFX directly!

If you want, you can use the "Transloader" command to FTP images directly to your website! Visit Transloader.com for more info.

If you use WebFX to create and alter graphics on your website, please show off this cool button on your site to let people know how do you did it!

Special Effects by WebFX!

Click Here to find out how!

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