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About Bill's Games

Where It All Began

Bill circa 1996, with his neighbor's cat
The Bill's Games website originated as "Bill Kendrick's Online Games," a section of Bill Kendrick's personal website, started while he was attending school as a Computer Science major at Sonoma State University. Starting with a simple BlackJack game in mid-1995. He re-launched the site with a new look and feel, at the '' domain name on December 3, 1998.

Bill in 2018, with his own cat
Bill Kendrick, after a few years working at a pair of mobile software companies writing games for cell phones, has been CTO of a growing online ebook publishing platform since 2008.

About The Games

Every game on this site is free, requires no registration to use, and should work with almost any web browser, including Lynx, AOLTM, No Java, JavaScript, cookies, or frames are used.

Lynx. AOL.
Any browser.

How Can The Games Be Free!?

Advertising sponsors (whose banner advertisements appear as you play the games) help pay for the cost of running the site. Enjoy!

Get Started Now!

Want to begin playing games? Simply click the name of the game on the left to begin! For brief descriptions of each game, go back to the home page.

How Did We Make This Site?

This site has been made possible by the LINUX Operating System.

Most games were programmed completely in the C language (not PERL) and compiled with GNU's "gcc" compiler, so they run fast.

Graphics were created using The Gimp, an awesome free graphics tool.

Linux. Apache.
Gimp. GNU's not UNIX.

Privacy and Content Ratings

Our site has been rated with SafeSurf. Our Privacy Statement was created using Trust-E's Privacy Wizard.

In other words, these games are great for kids, and you don't have to worry about your private information getting out on the Internet!


Special Thanks

A warmhearted "THANK YOU!" goes out to "SKAT1", a WebTV guru and avid supporter and promoter of my site. I'm honored that such a great person took a liking to me and my site!

Scott Doty a guru at, and one of the owners of (our Internet Service Provider for the first 6 years) worked with us late into the night on our grand opening, trying to figure out the best way to ease traffic problems. He decided to dedicate an entire server to my site, a Cobalt RaQ Microserver, and helped me get it up and running smoothly. Thanks Scott!!!

Mike Simons, a Linux guru who helped make our webserver software run more efficiently, as well as pointing out some great programming methods and utilities which have helped speed up games like Solitaire and Wordscram.

Who's That Kid?

The "mascot" photo is yours truly, Bill Kendrick, roasting marshmallow's at my friend's house back in the mid-1980s. At the time the site was first created, in 1998 (pre-smartphones, pre-webcams), it was one of the less crazy looking photos of me that I had scanned... =^)


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