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Anniversary Chat Transcript

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Friday, December 3, 1999 was Bill's Games one year anniversary!

To celebrate, a public real-time chat was held with Bill Kendrick, creator of Bill's Games.

virginia is there anything we players can do to help you with the site
Bill-Kendrick virginia - Not more than you all do already! But thanks! :)

Danielle How old are you
Bill-Kendrick Danielle. I'm 24. (I'll be a nice even 25 in May)

Moochie What's your favorite WebTV game?
Bill-Kendrick Moochie - Admittedly, I get stuck playing Solitaire for 15-20 minutes whenever I go onto the site to make sure it's working ok. :) I also really like WordScram. I guess I'm typical, cuz I like all of the popular ones. (I like WebSame too :) )

virginia how many hours week do you devote to developing the site
Bill-Kendrick Virginia - The time I spend on the site varies. I'm currently 'living off of it,' which is stretching my bank account to the limit, especially with the holidays and lots of gift-buying... so I have a lot more time nowadays, without work to interfere. ;^) I spent a LOT of time during the last week packaging the site up... All of the games are going to be 'mirrored' by "WorldGate," a company that makes devices similar to WebTV's. They asked me to become a 'Content Partner.'

virginia i just played solitare -what is the average number of moves to clear the board
Bill-Kendrick Virginia, as to the number of average moves, I've never surveyed it, but it's probably in the 150-250 range. We'll say 200 even, just to pick a single number ;)

bluj My favorite is Solitaire. I'll spend hours trying to beat my last score. Very seldom happens

virginia are you from california
Danielle Are you dating?
Bill-Kendrick Virginia. Yes, I was born in northern california, about 45m north of San Francisco. Danielle, yes I'm dating. Planning on marriage. We already have babies... two black cats. ;)

virginia are most of your players web tv fans
Bill-Kendrick virginia, from the survey I took early this year, and from a few samples of access logs to the site, I think about 60% of all traffic on the site is WebTV users.

Danielle Is this your job?
Bill-Kendrick Danielle - at this point, yes, it is kind of my job. I plan on eventually making "Bill's Games" an official company. Bank account, salary, etc.
virginia they say if your work is your play you have it made -- old saying

virginia have you though about a weeky or monthly chat like this
Bill-Kendrick virginia - regarding doing regular chats. Yes, I considered it about 20 minutes into today's chat. This is lots of fun (and, admittedly, a bit of an ego boost), so I might do it monthly or so...
Tiger That'd be grrrreat!!! I miss the old chats.

Bill-Kendrick I'm considering seeing if WebTV does a "Content Partner" deal similar to WorldGate. Having copies of the entire site running 'closer' to WebTV Networks might help a lot...

bluj Bill, my lowest score in Solitaire was 115. Is it possible to get lower? Do you know what the lowest possible score on Solitaire might be.
Bill-Kendrick bluj - I could calculate it. It would be somewhere around 110 (assuming ALL of the cards are instantly available to be dropped into the stacks)
bluj Thanks Bill, I guess my 115 wasn't so bad after all.

virginia my daughter in law had a problem with an older computer downloading. but they have a new computer no problems. she loves bills games

jaykay Hey Bill, just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I love your Solitaire game.
Bill-Kendrick Thanks jaykay... I'm glad you two enjoy it. Can you believe I wrote most of the entire program in the span of two evenings!?
jaykay She wants to register acomplaint about slowness tho
Bill-Kendrick jaykay - I understand. The server can be very slow when the site's being accessed a lot. Especially in the evenings. That's precisely why I'm running the chat room somewhere else. :) Upgrading the software on the site (which will happen "Real Soon, Now") will help a lot, I think.

reebug Virginia, I once cleared the board in under 85 moves...was I surprised !
jaykay Ever since I bragge to you about a 63 score a few months ago I haven't gotten close sincjaykay

virginia will you have another websame that is more difficult than the four we have. ex. one with five colors
Bill-Kendrick Virginia - Perhaps. I'll jot that down. I'm fairly sure the program will handle it... I'm just not sure how impossible it will be to play at that difficulty! :)
virginia i have now mastered the most difficult one.
Bill-Kendrick You're welcome, virginia. Thanks for the kind words. Thanks for dropping in!

virginia bill again thanks for the best game site. besides being fun - it is good therapy for the mind after a stressful day. thanks again. goodnight to everyone

Moochie How many games are your site?
Bill-Kendrick Moochie - I forget, off the top of my head! 16 games.

soflamom I love the sames games. Are u going to have champion scores?
Bill-Kendrick soflamom - yes, a 'high score' table for websame is planned.
soflamom Good Bill. This was the first "games" site I found when I got my webtv and it is still one of the best.

bluj Thanks for the great games, Bill. Keep up the good work. Goodnight.
Bill-Kendrick Thanks bluj. Take care!

Tiger Well, I was wondering about some kind of tournaments or something...I don't know competitive It'd be fun
Bill-Kendrick Tiger - hrm... tournaments might be an idea. It'd be very hard to do over the web, I think... But I'll jt it down!
Tiger On tournaments, It could be anything from team games-one on one games... I'm not sure what I mean...I've just been in the mood for something tournament style ;)

Bill-Kendrick Well, we're 5 minutes to closing up. Any last requests? :)
vee Just games of websame. Love that game.

Tiger BTW who designed the websame graphics there awesome.
Bill-Kendrick Tiger - Bernhard Trummer. He did them for a Linux game I wrote, "Gem Drop X"
Tiger well tell him that I said "They're awesome keep up the great work!"

Moochie Good night and continuing success. This was my first chat room experience. It was fun.

vee Keep up with the great games Bill. Thanks for the past year.

Shell24 bill, how did you come up with all of these ideas?
Bill-Kendrick Shell24 - Briefly, well... most games are pretty much ideas that have been around forever... like Solitaire!? :)

Shell24 Bill-is this something you do for a living? What else do you do?
Bill-Kendrick Shell - at this point, I write free computer games (so it's not really a 'job')

I also run WebFX, a fun graphics tool. It works with WebTV's, too!

Shell24 Bill-oh, just something you enjoy?
Bill-Kendrick Shell24 - Oh, and yes, at this point I "live off of" Bill's Games. I did have a job, but resigned when the company went bonkers. Yes. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to write video games. I actually had an offer to work at Atari Games last summer, but picked love for my girlfriend over love for Atari. :)
Shell24 Bill- i checked it out, Cool!

mary10 i Guess I'm about a day behind -- The games are worth going into, its fun. Nice website Bill!

Shell24 Bill- where are you from? What state?
Bill-Kendrick Shell24 - I'm from california. You can learn more about ME at:
Shell24 Well, i am from WI. Nice to meet you, i will let you go now. ttyl

Bill-Kendrick Ok, everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I'm considering doing this regularly (or irregularlly.. definitely again, some time!)
Bill-Kendrick ... So, perhaps I'll see you again!
Bill-Kendrick Oh, and shell, this software is my own. It's not all that good, but it works! And it works with WebTV (and any OTHER web browser), which is a plus.

Bill-Kendrick Ok, well.. I guess everyone's more or less gone, so... Gnite all! (or, rather, gnite none!)



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