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  • "I'm having a problem with WordScram. It's so much fun...I'm not getting enough sleep!" - Pam

  • "I love WordScram." - Nancy Cunard

  • "This is my favorite game - it gets my mind going." - "Shorthand"

  • "Just a note to let you know I have enjoyed your game word scram. I spend hours on this game. Sometimes I do it first thing in the morning to just get my brain to working. I try to see how many points I can get in a certain time frame. I play some of the other games also but this is my favorite. Keep up the good work!" - "Sorthand" (again)

  • "Just a few minutes in between a game to thank you for correcting the WordScram game. It's much better playing and also it takes up my screen perfect!!! Again thanks alot!!!" - Nancie

  • "Have been away from the site for a while and just played the new and improved Wordscram - excellent!" - Alison Hughes

  • "Dear Bill, I am not a kid but a Senior Citzen, I really enjoy your Game site. Myself and a friend just got done playing the Wordscram and it was a ball. I really enjoyed the coloring too. Suggest you label this section for Senors also. Thank You." - JoAnn

  • "I just found your game site ths week and really enjoy your wordscram and solitaire games. i hope you keep them on for a long long time. thanks" - P. A. Moore

  • "Wordscram is my favorite game. Webtv would not be any fun without Wordscram. Thanks so much for it." - Nellie Stanton

  • "Wordscram kicks butt and this site has the best and most games. NICE JOB!" - Paul Scorpio

  • "Hi Bill, I am so glad I found some (3) to reccommend. I have arthritis in my fingers and it is very hard for me to type fast on the timer games for Word Scram (my favorite) that is why I don't use the timer a lot and my fingers cause some mispelled words. I thank you for your web page so much I get up playing your games and I go to bed playng your games, you"re a wonderful blessing to me, again thank you." - Nellie Stanton (again)

  • "I like how you can do all these games on the computer and I really like the Word Scram" - Lynn

  • "Love your games, especially word scram. Keeps the mind active." - Judy

  • "Word Scram rocks." - Kimber

  • "I love this game." - T. Scott

  • "I just had to let you know, I LOVE this game, its the best game on WebTV, I haven't found another game that I like to play this much. All of my free time is taken with Word Scram, thanks so much for making it so much fun!" - Jackie

  • "To whom ever, thanks for what ever you did to fix Word Scram, now when I play it with out a timer, it doesn't crash - sure makes it even more fun than it already was!" - Lana Wiese

  • "Thank you so much love this game" - Deke Hancock

  • "Thank you. I sure love your games mostly Word Scram." - Peggy Hall

  • "Just to let you know I love Word Scram, I spend all my free time playing. My daughter and I love to play together. Thanks!" - Jackie

  • " I thought I would let you know that I am hooked on word scram. I just love it. I gave up [another game site] for this and am having a ball. Thanks allot." - Tammy

  • "I enjoy playing this game for a few minutes during the day while working." - Linda Corbett

  • "Thank you and thanks for having Word Scram. We love it." - Carol

  • "This is a great game." - P. Moore

  • "I am addicted to word scram, always trying to beat my high score. Makes a great game for my kids." - Lynn

  • "Hi Bill... Just a note to say thank you for the new improvements. They are great!!!!! Word Scam is my favorite game to play and it is addicting (good word..I will have to remember it). Regards..." - Bev

  • "Really enjoy being able to change length of play. I'm at this site every day. One of the best games for WebTv. Many thanks." - C.M.

  • "I like having the option of the amount of time on the word scram game. I love that game and play it almost every evening. All the games are first rate. Keep up the good work." - Priscilla

  • "I'm hooked on this one -- it's great." - Nancy

  • "I have menieres and I find it keeps my mind working so I do it many times a day. Thank you." - Brenda

  • "Just wanted to tell you it is so nice to be able to play Word Scram again. About two days after you got the dictionary part working again my Webtv stopped working so I didn't get a chance to tell you thank you for getting things working so quickly. Thank you." - "sillamoore"

  • "I finally found the game I've been waiting for. After the first time I played, I knew this would be my new favorite. Thank you for having a smart game that exercises my brain!" - Raspil

  • "I am addicted to this game!! Love it!! I play 5 games at a time with the timer." - Darlene
  • "I enjoy playing your games. Escpecailly 'word scram'." - Jessica Hayes

  • "I love word scram. I play it every night. Thanks for such a fun web site." - Mary

  • "We really are Word Scram freaks and we love the page." - Brandy Stevens

  • "LOVE Word Scram.." - Kelly West

  • "Thanks for the fun game!!!!!" - Bev Gervais

  • "I am homebound 95% of the time. Thanks for ll the hard work you have put into this site. it is perfect for someone like me with a webbie!!" - Bunny Karen



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