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Anniversary Chat Transcript

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Friday, December 3, 1999 was Bill's Games one year anniversary!

To celebrate, a public real-time chat was held with Bill Kendrick, creator of Bill's Games.

The 1.5 hour chat was attended by:

  • barb, who suggested the chat
  • Bill-Kendrick, Bill's Games' creator
  • bluj
  • Crusty
  • Danielle
  • jaykay
  • JOJO
  • Lindoro
  • mary10
  • maya
  • mikey57
  • Moochie
  • paisley
  • perica
  • reebug
  • scottie

  • Shell24
  • soflamom
  • Tiger
  • toby
  • vee
  • virginia
  • Vivian-Mason

As well as some real-life friends of Bill's:

  • bobobot
  • Flynn
  • grep
  • leng
  • oc-3
  • Yuki

A transcript of the most relevant parts of the chat are listed below. Some messages were reordered to create groups of questions-and-answers to make this transcript more readable.

(Note: Not everyone who attended said too much, which is why not everyone is seen in the transcripts.)

Bill-Kendrick So welcome everyone!

bobobot So, Bill, what made you decide to set up
Bill-Kendrick Well, the games were originally running on my account at my school. When I graduated, I had to move it to a 'real' ISP. I eventually decided to go 'all the way' and set up a domain.

It was mainly an excuse to redo all of the games so that they had the same 'look and feel.' That, plus a domain, makes it look more professional.

However, bobo, if you meant "why did I write web games," then, well... it was interesting. I've been really into computer and video games since my family got an Atari 2600 back in `80 or `81.

paisley thank you so much for a web tv web for games. also for the of countless hours of enjoyment. i am known as the websame junky

Moochie I'd like Solitaire much better if the cards wouldn't disappear off the bottom of the screen
Bill-Kendrick Moochie - I understand. I didn't get a WebTV myself until very recently, and haven't actually signed up for the service yet. Once I do, I'll be doing massive testing of my site with it, so things like that will be changing.
vee Hi there!! Happy Anniversary Bill
Bill-Kendrick Thanks vee. I can't believe it's been a year already!

Tiger I've used, a webtv, PC and a Mac to access ur games...the only one I've had problems with is do dissapear but if u keep playing it'll reapear...4 some reason the cards just don't always load
Bill-Kendrick Tiger - The "non-loading cards" problem really appears to be a WebTV Networks problem. If you're familiar with Epsylon Games (they have their own large collection of Solitare and other WebTV-compatible games)... they have the same thing happening to them.
Tiger yeah I know...webtv has a problem with loading alot of graphics at a time...but not always... It doesn't only happen durring solitare, during just basic websurfing...usually reloading the page will fix it... but not always
Bill-Kendrick Tiger - I think WebTV might be expanding their customer base a little faster than they're expanding their hardware. <:^( I know the feeling, though. (You might have noticed I'm running my chat room on a different server. is VERY overloaded during the evenings.)
Tiger yup ;)
Bill-Kendrick Tiger - BTW, I'm glad you say that (that it's not just solitaire, and not just billsgames).

grep Bill- planning on adding any new games in the near future?
Bill-Kendrick grep - yes, eventually I'd like to add tons of fun games. Checkers, Chess, Reversi (Othello)... Bridge seems a popular request, too.

paisley happy anniversary and keep the games coming

Bill-Kendrick So, quick survey. How did everyone here find out about Bill's Games?
Moochie I must thank the book Web TV for Dummies for leading me to your site.
grep found out about it from some guy by the name of Bill. ;^)
Tiger I was on your mailing list...from the school site...I'm an oldie.

grep Bill- Any plans for a server upgrade? ;-)
Bill-Kendrick grep - No time soon. Software upgrades will help a lot, though. (I know you've offered to help. When are you back in town? Or is Davis not your final destination here on the west coast?)
grep Bill- My start date at new company is the 13th - maybe we can get together and discuss it. I won't be living in Davis, but I'll be up there a lot.

perica Hi Bill- You are my hero because I love your solitaire game
Bill-Kendrick Thanks percia. If you were around about 2 years ago, you might have hated me. I had it up and running for a few months, but had to take it down. It was going to cost me $100's even $1000's a month to keep it running!

bluj Bill, at one time you were going to add Blackjack. What happened?
Bill-Kendrick bluj - A friend of mine from college had offered to help out with that, since he's an expert cardsman, and a very good programmer. He never got back to me.
bluj Yours is my favorite website. I hope you will add blackjack someday.

virginia bill - we all love web same - we play a game a day
vee Hi Virginia; we have something in common.
Tiger Virginia- I love web same, too. I try to get at least 3 games a day tho.

Vivian-Mason This is all Greek to me on my WebTv but thanks for the enjoyable site and "Happy Annivesary"
Bill-Kendrick Thanks vivian.

Bill-Kendrick I think, perhaps, that I should keep a list of "games to add". Let's see, Chess, Checkers, Bridge, Blackjack.. any other suggestions?
Tiger Bill, what ever happened to the space game (can't remember the name) you was going to start? I think that was at the school site tho
Bill-Kendrick Tiger - "Planet Monger." I dropped the idea (for now, at least). I need to spend serious time designing it before I can create it. Unlike most games I've written (for the web and otherwise), it will take forethought! :)

reebug Bill, will you ever bring back the seasonal concentration game, but bigger ?
Bill-Kendrick reebug - The seasonal concentration graphics weren't very good. They were also clip-art, so I probably shouldn't have used them. :) One plan eventually is to become a 'real' company and hire people, like artists.

virginia would it be possible to have list showing highest scorer of the month
Bill-Kendrick virginia - that's a common request. I do plan on adding a highscore table to at least WebSame, possibly WordScram, and Solitaire, too.
virginia bill - dont need prizes - just so we can know where we stand
Bill-Kendrick virginia - I understand. (Perhaps one day, if I make enough money from this site, and can make sure the software is fraud-proof, there might be prizes. MAYBE :) )
virginia bill i dont think you need prizes -- we all enjoy the games

Moochie Hearts is one of my favorite games. Did you consider that?
Bill-Kendrick Moochie - Hearts.. I'll add it to the list. It might be more complicated, since it's multiplayer, and that can be tough to manage, but I'll keep it in mind.

virginia how long has the chat room been in existence
Bill-Kendrick virginia - 38 minutes. :) It will only be around now and then. I used to run a chat on my personal site, but it turned into a major soap opera. >:^(

virginia tiger - web same is good therapy
Bill-Kendrick I'm glad you guys like it so much! The idea wasn't mine. I first saw the game for Linux (which is what I run instead of Windows). The game was called "KSame." There's another called "Same GNOME."
Tiger there's also a java version of websame called...SameGame de Java...its hard
Bill-Kendrick Tiger - I think the "same games" I've seen are all based on one original game, "SameGame." I think it's for the Macintosh.
Tiger Bill, I don't doubt really is a fun game

JOJO What is the highest score on Websame?
virginia my highest websame score about 3500 once usualy a 1800
Bill-Kendrick I don't currently know the highest score on WebSame. I once calculated the absolute maximum score (all pieces being the same, so you get tons of points, plus 1000 for completing it), but it is so unlikely to ever happen...

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