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Reviews Of WebFX
Since WebFX was turned on in March, 1997, literally thousands of people have enjoyed using WebFX, both as a fun Internet toy, and as a tool to spruce up their own website.

WebFX has received many raves, lots of mention, and even an award!

Yahoo!'s Weekly Pick - our first pick! (and the beginning of thousands of hits per day!)
The Eye Candy Award - our first award!
The British Newspaper "The Independent"'s Review - our newspaper debut!
Kim Komando's Review - our first web review!
WMUR-TV News Nine Online Review - our TV debut!
Ask Amy's Review
The Venezuelan Newspaper "El Nacional"'s Review
Web Developers' Newsletter's Review
Computers and Fun Magazine's Review
"Roadside Attractions" Column's Review
"Inside The Internet" Magazine's Review
LockerGnome's Windows 95/98/NT E-Zine Review
InternetGuiden Review
"Neat Net Tricks" Review
"Fast Lane" Magazine's Review
"Yahoo! Internet Life" Magazine's Review - See the review on Y!IL's site
"Yahoo! Internet Life" Magazine's "Top 50 Most Incredibly Useful Tips"
ZDTV Review
TechTV Review
612 Users' Comments! - and more arriving all the time

If you see a review of WebFX that isn't listed here, please e-mail me! nbs@sonic.net.

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